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PENT 3000

Keep your pressure vessels online.
Significantly reduce maintenance costs.

Normally Open - Normally Closed

No more forgetting and no more down time to replace sacrificial anodes in your pressure vessels. No more expensive repairs and no more vessel replacement costs. A revolutionary new tool is now available that will allow you to install an impressed current system in all your pressure vessels. In most cases this tool will also let you monitor the cathodic potential of your vessel either manually or electronically via computer.




Overall length 6 inches
Body thread size 3/4 inch National PipeThread
Electrical thread size 1/2 inch National PipeThread
Pressure body Stainless Steel
Insert type Hermetically sealed
Pressure rating 3000 psi


Rating Class 1, Division 2
Connector plug Inert machined delrin
Electrical contact #10 AWG
Amperage rating 23 amps
Voltage rating 500VDC


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Updated 9/19/17
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